New Camera

Finally, after quite a long time of using my crappy mobile phone’s camera, I’ve decided to buy one that can take a picture worth a damn.

True, part of that decision was my girlfriend finally getting too exasperated with me always complaining about the crappy pictures I took with my mobile.

Anyway, generally I am pretty ignorant about digital photography or photography in general. I’ve never actually owned a camera and before I came to Frankfurt and bought a new mobile, most of the pictures I had where from one-use disposable cameras who’s quality just might have been worse than my mobile.

Not knowing anything though, all those features and option just confused me. I just wanted something that is good at taking pictures at low light and I don’t really care about the Megapixels provided (Mostly because I’ve read that Megapixels do not necessarily equal with quality)

Fortunately, Planet atheism came to the rescue and I happened upon the blogpost of Geoff Arnold who was impressed with a specific model. Fujitsu FinePix f50fd. Now even though I didn’t plan to buy a camera back in July when I read it, I was wise enough to save a bookmark for the time when I would want to buy it.

The time came this week so this was the first thing I researched. Turns out that it was exatly what I was looking for as this specific model series are actually praised for their ability to take low light pictures. Seeing that the price had dropped to almost 200€ I decided to just bite the bullet and get it.

So I did. And now I’m gleefully playing with my new shiny gadget 😀

Here’s some samples I took in my gf house 😀