Objectivist kick

Well, that’s it then. It seems that the objectivist apologist cannot stand my inferior intellectual mediocricy anymore and decided to bar me from posting any longer.  This is the last comment I made to his thread, which has since been deleted.

Yes Lord. We are unworthy…

I agree there is no point in continuing this as your arguments consist of either ignoring what I say, or first labeling me as something (in this case a moral subjectivist) and then bring the encyclopedic definition to personally attack me.

In this case, I am not a moral subjectivist as the encyclopedia defines it. I do not believe all moral theories are good. I do know that different kind of societies find different kind of moral theories correct. Thus morality is subjective.

I appreciate that you are trying to save me from embarrassing myself but seeing as your a shameless intellectual elitist who cannot accept being wrong (witness you ignoring everything you cannot refute), I have no fear of being embarrassed.

Oh, well. It seems that that’s that for the argumentative powers of the objectivist. Ergo seems to be acting no better than a theist to me. If you cannot argue against it, ignore it…

2 thoughts on “Objectivist kick”

  1. Hi db0, I’d like to point out to your readers that I don’t agree with you on this. I don’t intend to continue our debate here, and it should be pointed out that we have happened to agree on other things and you’re always welcome to comment on my blog. However, your criticism of Ergo here is not justified. I feel you were well and truly refuted on my blog and his regarding moral subjectivism and I think any readers who choose to go there and follow the conversation will see this for themselves.

  2. @Evanescent: I am glad that I am still welcome on your blog as I consider your opinions to be correct on most such matters and you give an interesting discussion. However I do not feel refuted by you or Ergo, but rather ignored (with a good batch of intellectual snobbery from Ergo as well). Most of my arguments still lie unanswered or redirected to Ergo’s blog where I cannot continue the discussion any more for apparent reasons.
    I guess we will agree to disagree on this then. Nevertheless, perhaps you will take the time to comment on my newer post on morality.

    @Lichanos: I agree with you. Evanescent does seem like an intelligent fella that’s fallen in with a…strange bunch. I hope we will agree more in the future and that he also takes the time to not only read Objectivist praises but also the criticism against it and form his own opinion. At least before he is sucked into the groupthink like Ergo has…
    I’ve read the 10 steps and it was quite hillarious. Danke for the link 😉

    @Apple: I’ve responded to you in a new post 😉

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