OCTGN reminded me how much I love programming

Just expressing how happy I am to be hacking again.

example of Python language

Ever since I’ve started coding games on OCTGN and working significantly with python, my ethusiasm for programming has been rekindled. So much so that I’ve pretty much stopped doing almost all other things I was doing lately, including reading reddit.

Today, after I went to bed coding and woke up to code afresh, I got to thinking why I ever stopped doing it. The truth is that I stopped doing it (or rather, never fully started) because I didn’t have a good base at modern programming languages and because I didn’t have a project to draw my interest in doing learning them. This is actually a big problem for me. Due to the way my ADHD-addled brain works, I find it nearly impossible to work on something that A) doesn’t excite me, B) doesn’t give me a clear short-term goal. And because of this, the thought of first learning a programming language before trying to use to code something I want to have, was overwhelming.

I always wanted to get into python, and I did start with a few introductory texts, but I quickly lost attention. Not being able to do, or having something to do with what I learned, killed my interest. And this is where OCTGN helped: It allowed me to start slow (small incremental improvements), on a working base to work on (other games), on something that interested me (making defunct CCGs I love work online).

Slowly I’ve been building up steam and learning python as I go, which is the only way I know that works for me. The result is that I spent almost all day yesterday getting the automation for the Dune CCG work, and then re-writing the code to be more intuitive and succinct. This shit’s addicting!

My hope is that once I’ve perfected all the games I want to on OCTGN, I’ll be able to use the knowledge and familiarity I’ve achieved in python to move to some of the other projects currently sitting in the back-burner of my brain.

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