Once more into the Night

We’re once again in business, the Evernight campaign I had put on hold 7 months ago is starting once more.
One player has left (I do not want him back) and two new have arrived, Konstantis and Elena. This brings us to 5 PCs which is the optimal number for this campaign. Now I can feel a bit more secure that the encounter won’t be too hard.

Problem is that Konstantis has started working on an internet cafe which means he has a variable schedule, which means he decides the day we will play. Since that is the case I plan to make him be the “Game Crier” (the one who takes phone calls to schedule the game).
As always he decided to play the combat monkey, creating a Red Knight when he found out he didn’t have enough money to create the double sword, double gunslinging character he wished. I allowed him to take an edge when he couldn’t and I’m afraid it might disrupt the game, however I am a yes guy and it would make him happy (and shut up about those 3 exp)

Elena decided to makes a rogue-like character. I tried to dissuade her but she doesn’t seem to want to play anything else. There are two problems I foresee with this.
A. She is very inexperienced and tried to make a kind of jack-of-all-trades character. Unfortunately that is not a very good tactic for RPG, especially for heroic RPGs. The player finds it hard to shine at one place and thus get into the spotlight. The end effect is that she may get bored. Everyone needs his 15 minutes of fame.
B. She is also too similar to another player, who has the street rat archetype. I hope to give her some alternative ideas she can follow. Right now I’m thinking of a tomb raider archetype. It fits with the world and is rogue-like enough.

I also would like to have Sideris play as well but he asked me too late unfortunately. If someone drops out however he will be my first choice.

I noticed yesterday as they were making characters that I had forgotten the rules almost completely. That sucked.
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