The last two days have seen too much of me dancing around and generally making a fool of myself. Wednesday was the Disco-pop night at The X Club and yesterday I went to a reggae party at one of the universities, near the star observatory. As a result, I now have too much blood in my caffeine system (Well, I always wanted an excuse to say that) and I’m generally very tired.

Both days out have been with Panos from KNE and some of his friends. He’s not much of a “mover”, meaning he doesn’t dance at all, but luckily some of his friends do so at least I had some cover.

Wednesday night we met at his apartment to wait it out until it was late enough to head to the club, we sat at the balcony sipping white wine and for some reason, discussion once again turned to the fact that I wasn’t a comrade. It all started when I told him I voted a black (meaning that I voted in a way that canceled it) and he got a bit worked out about it. They tried to convince me once more and in the end I told them about the philosophy I am following at this time, Hacker. To make a long story short, they agreed that it was a good philosophy but they just couldn’t quite understand how it all worked out. By the time I was finished, it was time to head out.

The [tag]X Club[/tag] was packed once again, although it seemed to me that there was a slightly less attendance. At the entrance was once again my ex that pretended she didn’t see me greeting.
Once again it seemed like a knew everybody around there. All the familiar faces were around and I was greeting people all the time.

“So you come here a lot then?” Dimitra queried
“Why do you ask”
“Well, you seem to know almost everyone”
“Heh, you make me feel so special :)”

The night was alright, although a bit crowded and at times it was just impossible to dance. I met a friend’s friend who was from England and was staying around for vacation and dragged her to the dance floor. Another friend of mine got mildly drunk as well and told me I was the greatest guy she knew. I also found one of the metal guys from Posidi that got stone drunk after a while. Panos and Dimitra left early and I stayed behind (I had company aplenty) and at the end of the night I forced my ex to acknowledge me *grin*

Yesterday, as I mentioned before was the reggae party. The night started at a local tavern where I found Panos and Co. eating chicken wings and drinking beers and wine. We were supposed to head there by 12 o’ clock but we ended up going at 1:30 am.
The place was crawling with people, and there was a lot of dancing going on. I had brought my [tag]Firestaff[/tag] with me as well so I took the opportunity to step forward and do a performance. I had two bottles of paraffin and a new metal container to put it in, so I was counting on at least 7 light ups. However things conspired against me and I only did three.
First, it appeared that my metal container had a hole in the bottom that was sealed up with plastic. Unfortunately for me, paraffin dissolves plastic and I was lucky enough to have put the cap of the container underneath it, so the flow stopped. Then after my first performance, and after I had told the others to watch out not to spill the container, I came back and found it face down on the dirt. There goes one bottle of paraffin just like that.
I was also a bit nervous while twirling because of the number of people watching and so I made some mistakes, the worst of which was the flaming end of the staff bouncing onto my head. I was cautious enough to wet my hair before starting the show but even then, I smelled burnt hair. Other mistakes included hitting my t-shirt (luckily with no effect) and some bad catches. Good thing is that I never dropped my staff once. After a short rest, the “dance floor” was full of people so I could do any more performances.

A girl also came and gave me a flier for the first Greek gathering of jugglers at a chalkidiki camping. She said she noticed me throwing the staff in the air from afar. Dunno, I’m thinking of going but it seems too much like a circus show, and I don’t feel very comfortable with that.

I also tried to dance a bit but this music just isn’t my show. I can well enough play with the staff but simply dancing to reggae is not me. I tried it alone, with company or just pongo-ing (not enough room for the staff) and I couldn’t feel comfortable enough.

I left alone at about 3am to sleep. I came home, drank 2 glasses of cold milk and one of cold water and went to bed. Today I woke up with a sore throat. Suits me.
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