Political Compass Revisited

I was just setting up some new stuff over at the ACP and I decided to have the option for users to put in their Political Orientation if they so wished. As a fan of the Political Compass, I decided to suggest that they use that to present an accurate view of it, rather than use the abstract terms of left and right or Political Parties.

I tried to follow the link from my previous post on that, in order to get a sample link but apparently they changed their website setup and the link was dead. Visiting the page informed me that they now also provide a nice personalized page for printouts but I would have to take the test again.

Why not, I thought, and dived in once again. I didn’t expect much change in a year but I did move one square to the left. I then paid the €7 required and got a nice image to put on my wall.

You can not see it very well here but in case you’re missing it, I’m the red dot in Kropotkin’s Eye 😉