This is a post as much as to check that my updated WPG2 plugin does not b0rk the site as before when using the WPG2 Tags. Yay, it works!


So I’ve finally managed to visit a medieval market and procure some clothing that I like. Initially me


and Viola visited the Ronneburg castle alone about 1 month ago. As always she was beautiful in her part gothic – part medieval clothing while I just looked like the average metalhead.

In any case, back then we ate some kind of toast with apple sauce (Not exactly my taste but Viola mentioned that it’s because it was not natural), we went to a tour of the castle interior (where we got some excellent panoramic sights),


I tried my hand at archery (I totally sucked), [tag]Viola[/tag] bought incense and shit and I decided to buy some clothes. Unfortunately these places have quite pinched prices and I ended up wasting quite a sum of money on a shirt, trousers


and belt (Admittedly, the belt was the costliest but I just can’t seem to be able to say no to a merchant :-/ ). Anyway we had a nice walk around watching the shows etc until around 6pm where the place had to close.


The second visit was initiated at around 10am in Saturday morning when [tag]Arnoc[/tag] decided to phone us to invite us to join him. I always like to wake early in weekend mornings. Fun! Nevertheless, since I was up for another visit we got ready and joined them at the Burger King. After stuffing our faces with chocolate (us) and plastic meat (them) we moved on.

We had a walk around again, saw the same acts again (although this time we did manage to see some nice mock swordfighting) and I bought even more clothes.


This time Viola had to leave early to see a friend of hers and after a brief panicked search I managed to find Vadim and stick with him. We saw some wannabe Knights trying to fight, some medieval music (which I’ve really started to enjoy lately), took some nice and/or silly photos and he bought me a drink. Once more, we left at around 6 o’ clock when everyone started to get tired.

To tell the truth, I really like these medieval markets. You get into a completely different atmosphere and you see people getting into the feeling of things. I also find that the music is absolutely great and perfect for dancing around (add “like an idiot” when talking about me).