Setting up a Brainstorm Clone

Ubuntu Brainstorm has recently gone live and it’s really a great project and idea. For those not in the know, it is a dell brainstorm/digg mashup for voting on which ideas people want the Ubuntu devs to work on first.

I wanted to set something like that as a project which would give me a chance to see Drupal as well which is something I wanted to do for a while.

Fortunately a little search showed me that the custom modules have already been provided here and all I needed to do was install them.

So I went for the latest and greatest version of Drupal, 6.1 and I must say that I was surprised on how easy the installation procedure was. Just copy to your directory, set up a mysql database & user and run the script. 2 clicks later and you’re through. Cheers for the Drupal team ;).

I then tried to install the modules, fortunately, even though I was confused a bit, I eventually managed to figure out that I needed to place them into my /sites/all/modules directory. Unfortunately, even though that allowed Drupal to see them, it informed me that they are not compatible with Drupal 6.1 🙁

Oh well, no great loss. I went for an alternate installation of Drupal 5.7. One mysql db and installation later, I was set. I copied the modules in the correct directory again and this time I could activate them. Unfortunately I couldn’t get them to work as they need specific database tables to work. Apparently there is a qawebsite.install php script in the module directory that will create table structures, but there is not mention on how to run it. Am I supposed to rename it to .php and put it on my browser or what (Doesn’t seem that way)?

I hate it when no INSTALL.txt is included 🙁

In the end, I created a brainstorm entry and a launchpad question for this, so hopefully someome might be able to give me some instructions. Lets see.

If any of my readers have any ideas, I would much appreciate to hear them 🙂

At least I get to play with Drupal in the meantime 😀

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