Last day, while I was about to leave work I started getting that annoying uncomfortableness you get when you’re starting to get ill. I informed the team leader that I might be getting sick and went home…

…and slumbered

I seriously got on my bed, read a book for about 2 hours and then slept until next morning. Then I got up, went to work, they saw me looking like shit, sent me back and I slumbered again until now.

1 day lost. What could be better…

7 thoughts on “Slumber”

  1. Thank you my friend. Unfortunately my loss was even greater because I didn’t manage to go to the Final this Tuesday 🙁

    Still a bit under the weather today but I’m more able to function at least

  2. That doesn’t sound good… :S

    But yeah, I’m feeling much better today, I’m not going to need your scary medicine 😛

  3. Hi! Don’t be scared by Arnoc’s medicine – it’s ‘just’ some harmless ‘herbs’. *evilgrin*

    Don’t feel sorry about not having been able to go to the Final – if you’re sick, the Final isn’t the right place to go, in that case it’s no fun anyway. And hey! Look at me, while studying I’m never able to make the way to the Final – for three fuckin’ months!

  4. I wasnt there as well, haha.(and wont be this semester 🙁 )
    you see…we sympathise with you 😛

  5. For me every morning is a bad morning, cause they all start to early. The biggest problem is the distance. I really need some high-speed-transportation-service or something…

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