Stranded student scammer unveiled!?

Ivo De Bach. ScammerYou remember the conman going by the name of Denis Janson? The guy who has been extremely active all over Europe for the past 5 years, scamming helpful people out of hundreds of euros for wanting to do a good deed? Well, as it happens, people have been leaving comments on my site in the meantime, and it seems like some reporter has finally uncovered the real identity of the perpetrator; A guy going by the (facebook) name of Ivo De Bach!

I have no idea how that reporter tracked him down, but the photos match perfectly. Same haggard face, same chipped tooth. Go look at the photos I and others have taken in my previous posts. It’s almost certainly him.

If you know this person, be aware that he’s a very active scammer and a brilliant liar. I can’t tell you what to do this information, but if you help bring justice, I’d appreciate if you could let me know.

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  1. Reakce na matěj 03.11. 2006 – 18:56

    ahoj rada podam info o ivo akrapovi. potkala sjem ho asi pred mesicem a pujcila mu penize…

    pampeliška •
    10.12. 2006 – 01:33
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    Reakce na policie czech republic 03.11. 2006 – 20:36

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have met Ivo Akrap two weeks ago in Hamburg and – unfortunately – I
    lent him money. I know now, that the is a swindler. Fortunately, I have
    several photos in good quality of him, as well as photocopies of his
    Czech passport, his Austrian (BAVAG-Bank) credit card and his Czech
    social security card. I assume that his identity is faked – maybe you
    could verify that by checking his passport and social security card
    numbers. Before I send you further information, could you please verify
    that you are indeed a member of the Czech police? I also speak German.

    Best regards,


    Christopher Janssen •
    19.05. 2007 – 23:09
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    Reakce na Christopher Janssen 19.05. 2007 – 23:09

    Hi. I met that guy 2 or 3 years ago. His story was very trustworthy and
    because I was young naive idiot I gave him money. He said me he was HIV
    positive and his money and medicine was stolen. He had even minutes
    from police in czech. He said me he was from Iceland and needed to get
    back. Yes I was really idiot. You will propably never see your money
    again. It was expensive experience.

    another victim •
    26.05. 2007 – 02:31
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    Ivo Akrap=Denis Janson? What else is he called? Thank you for the photos of Ivo Akrap anyway! děkuju

  2. I don’t understand why you guys borrow this guy hundreds of euros, But that is easy for me to say afterwards. He was very convincing to me too. I thought he would have stopped the scamming. Couldn’t find about Ivo Akrap anymore. But apparently he changed his name.

  3. Why u no write stuff about anarchism anymore? I learned more about anarchism from this blog than any other source.

      1. For a moment there i thought maybe you abandoned the noble cause of egalitarianism 🙂

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