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I’ve been tagged with the holiday reading meme. So here’s what I’ve been reading these holidays.

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I’ve been tagged by Anderson Warm-Fork with the “watcha readin’ this summer” meme (btw my alias is Db0, not DBZ. I’m not a Dragonball Z fan ๐Ÿ˜› ). So why not bore you a bit today?

This summer, along with most of the Spring, I’ve been going through the substansial volumes of An Anarchist FAQ. Yes, it has taken me a while to read it all but it’s generally condensed stuff that takes a while, not to mention that the whole thing clocks easily at around 1000 A4 pages.Fortunately, my trusty e-reader has helped me go through it without lumbering boxes ofย  printed A4 around.

So how good is the AFAQ? Very very good. Aside from clarifying a lot of common misconceptions about the movement, it is also an invaluable resource on common criticisms from more authoritative sources, such as economists or Marxist-Leninists. Section C which counters capitalist economics is particularly informative and a great resource against the annoyingly frequent right-“libertarians”. It’s for such reasons that I’ve created a handy firefox keyword that quickly searches through the AFAQ for a topic I’m discussing and need somewhere to link to.

Even though I’m still not through with it, I’m nevertheless, finally, quite close. Once I’m done, my next target will probably be Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid for which I’ve heard the best things about. This will probably fall outside of the scope of this meme but hey, who cares.

And in closing, let me tag some people to let us know of some interesting stuff to read:

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