My time seems to have suddenly disintegrated. Between 9 hours of German lessons per week (3 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday), training, exercise and festivals, I barely seem to have time to check my online comics or even sit and watch a tv series.

Just last Sunday, where I was expecting to take it slowly, I went  to the Grüneburgpark to train @ firedance a bit and I ended up hanging out with a party of people sitting around playing with drums (Τουμπερλέκια ελληνιστί) and generally having a good time. They drew me in and I went home at 11pm instead of the 7:30pm I was initially planning to. I’m not complaining mind you, I like meeting new people and doing stuff but I don’t seem to be able to manage some time for computer projects and the site and I’m also afraid people will start to think that I’m ingoring/avoiding them.

Ah well.