Facebook, bitches!

So here I am in Facebook now. I was never much into social sites (I pretty much loath Yourspace) and I don’t know how much this fad will last me but I’ve created a little profile and started enriching it with pics and vids and group memberships and shit.

Initially it all was so that I could help out with the Non-christian group but then I decided to start an ACP group as well and things went quickly downhill from there. Now I’m at the point where I’m spamming all my friends to join so that I can tag their faces with their name 😉

Even this post is a tribute to this monster of lost time as I’m actually trying to see if my wordbook plugin is working since it decided to make my life a bit difficult by not being configured as a good little plugin.

Anyway, y’all come and join now and then add me as a friend. I’ve got pictures with your ugly mugs around that I need to classify. If you are already there and are using nifty application, let me know of any good ones that I might like. Cheers!

Oh, I’m also posting this to the Planet LGU since we have a little group in there as well that you might want to join.