In solidarity with the Greek "Hoodies"

I got the idea from Ιδιώνυμο of Plagal who is asking people to post their own hooded pictures in opposition to suggestions for criminalizing anonymity through disguise. I do not know how true these suggestions are as no references are provided but I liked the idea nonetheless and decided to join and spread the word.

Personally I’m doing it in solidarity to the Hoodies in the Greek riots who are demonized by the mass media as mindless vandals, violent fringe elements and whatnot. This act, is miniscule by itself compared to all those people who were and are on the streets, in the schools, in the occupied building etc, but it is something I can do from another country.

So, first it was Vrypan

Who I do not think did it with the same purpose in mind.

Then it was Plagal

And now it’s me:
Hoodie Solidarity

The rest is up to you. Join in with your own pics.

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