Damn sonnova…my [tag]mobile[/tag] b0rked last night. I noticed as I was to set up my alarm. The screen just went completely white and although the OS behind it seems to be working, I cannot see anything. I have no idea hat caused it but I took it to the T-Punkt and they say that they need to send it back and give me a replacement. Which means that I will lose all my settings. 🙁

Just a heads up to anyone who might be trying to contact me. Until I put my sim in a different mobile, I won’t be able to receive sms (I may lose some as well). Hopefully I’ll be able to backup the contacts through the data cable but there is a chance I’ll lose all telephones 🙁

Damn luck…

…that I had – UPDATE @ 9:00pm – As I was looking desperately for the mobile’s install CD I turned it on and lo and behold! It works!