Mortal Kombat is good fun, but oh my gawd the sexism. It burnsss!

The new MK is back to its roots, but their representation of females is patently absurd and the story needs a lot of work.

I was planning to write an incenced post about absolutely ridiculous the female outfits of the new Mortal Kombat game are and then I saw this comic and I just had to do it now.

Seriously, the mortal kombat clothes are DoA-level absurd (Did they take hints from Team Ninja?), not only are they practically pieces of strong but because of the cloth destruction that happens in the game, those must be literally glued to their bodies. I cannot otherwise explain how a “breast cover” (which is basically a glorified string), which is hanging destroyed on the right side of the body can somehow defy gravity in its quest to cover up those nipples.

And what is with the high heels? Would any woman in her right mind think that running around in high heels is a good way to fight in close combat? Most ridiculous of course is Sonya who is supposed to be a hardcore military person and is still running (literally running) around in high heels rather than jackboots.

Oh, and how difficult is it to come up with female outfits that are at least different than each other? Jade, Kitana and Mileena all wear the same string-outfit, only with a different arrangement of strings, while the men not only have varied ones, but if their main outfit is bare chested (I don’t remember anyone going bare-legged, except Goro) they have also been provided with a fully-clothed alternative.

As much as I love the new game, the absolute ridiculousness of how females are repressented is a complete turn off.

Given this new trend, I’m waiting now for Mortal Combat Xtreme Outworld Basketball to follow, where it will be just the women competing for the skimpiest outfit while dribbling.

And since I’m on the subject of MK, can someone please advise them to hire a competent storyteller? Cheezus fuck those people can’t tell a good story if their life depended on it. I honestly hope the next estabilishment of the series will be based on the lore of the excellent MK:Legacy…including outfits!


Holy Shit! This is Mortal Kombat!

The upcoming Moral Kombat game finally feels like a worthy successor to my loved franchise.

Mortal Kombat
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In case you didn’t know, I’ve been a huge Mortal Kombat fan, ever since I first saw the original MK in the very conservative Greek society, after sneaking in an arcade (In Greece, it’s illegal to go into arcades when you’re under 17. Blame the Church. Seriously). I was hooked.

Later on, I managed to get the PC version of it and I played it as much as humanly possible with my teenage friends. Then MK2 came out which was even better and this is where the franchise ended for me. Oh sure, I played the Trilogy and some of the sequels but I found them to be either trying to make a quick buck or severely watered/dumbed down for a movie, or simply jumping on a bandwagon with 3d fighting. I had given up on it ever achieving it’s MK2 glory in my eyes.

I recently got a nice hope for a reboot of the franchise from the short fan film, but I have now also checked the E3 preview of the latest installment of it and I’m stoked with excitement. This looks like it is finally a worthy continuation of MK2.

The only thing that I’m not sure I like are the X-ray attacks, which while nice looking are seriously assaulting my suspension of disbelief. I mean, I can accept the very brutal moves that happen in the game, but how can someone seriously continue fighting with a broken back or neck or crushed internal organs? It’s like someone cutting someone in two and they continue as if nothing happened. My band-aid rationalization of it is that everyone’s overloaded with Morphine before the match and can’t really feel shit until they die.

Aaaanyway, not so important as it’s not much worse than 2 people smacking each other with gigantic swords and losing only a tiny bit of health every time (as is what happens in most other fighting games). Other than that, the game looks brilliant and it seems to be a blast for couch play (including co-op, w00t). I loved the small things about it as well, how for example the tag team player ended up being thrown into the acid mid play (what happens in the next round?) or how their clothes started ripping and they got wounded as the battle went on. And of course the awesome fatalities which truly make up for the horror that was Babalities and Friendships. Ugh!

Can’t wait.

Will Mortal Kombat: Rebirth survive its transition to a profit motive?

The Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film was nothing short of awesome. I’m worried however that moving to the big screen, will take away all that did make it awesome.

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In case you missed it, a few days ago the most amazing short film emerged based on the re-imagination of the Mortal Kombat franchise. I think every MK fan in the world must have seen it by now so I won’t embed it again. However today I read this intereview from the guy who made it and it didn’t strike me as a great surprise to find out that the short film was made out of love for the MK theme and through the donation of time and equipment of people with similar vision.

The result was a short film made of pure awesome. Something which (for me at least) brings the vision for an MK movie to what it really should have been from the start. Gritty, Brutal and Horrific. Something truly made for adults and not children. The short film was created in order to sell the idea of an MK reboot to Warner Brothers and therefore make a whole movie and given the reaction it has received, there’s no reason to expect this will not go through.

However this also nicely fits in with what we’ve discovered bout human motivation which is that what humans do out of an interest to achieve a quality result and via self-management is always of higher quality than what is created in order to make money. This short film was created in exactly the same way. It’s director knew he was not getting paid for it. The people volunteering knew it as well. They had the right motivation and thus the result is excellent.

What will happen though when they try to translate this vision to the big screen? When their main drive will be profit and corporate management will take away much of the self-management of the staff in order to make the film sell more? What will happen when they make it PG-13 in order to tap into the teenage audience? When they start trying to just pile more and more special effects for the “Wow factor” that Holywood is so obsessed with. When the various IP pendlers intervene and try to get a cut (which is already happening).

Speaking of IP, this is also an excellent sampla of how such concepts prevent creativity rather than create it. The Director created something awesome out of the ideas that came before him. He didn’t do it to get a new piece of IP as the idea behind the laws would have you believe. He made it because we wanted to create something awesome. In this case, copyrights and trademarks are only going to delay and take money out of production rather than promote creativity. I.e. they will fulfill their classic role of delaying creativity.

But I digress.

I hope that I’m proven wrong and hopefully at least, the first film made out of this concept will be as awesome as the short trailer. The sequels, if The Matrix is anything to go by, will not be anywhere near as good anyway.


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