I have finally secured my online ID as far as I can do so while also making my passwords a bit easier to remember. It always bugged me that I had to either use the same password for all the sites or write down all my passwords so that I don’t forget. In the end I settled for a path in the middle where non important sites (like forums and social networking ones) where using the same old classic password and the important site (gmail, wordpress etc) has a customized password – and I still ended up forgetting a lot of them all the time. Even then I was not happy because I couldn’t realistically change my passwords at set intervals as I would have wanted to (well, I could but it would take me all day) and in order not to forget them easily I had to use a custom kind of mix that I could remember.

Fortunately, as I was looking around today for something to make the save dialog of [tag]Firefox[/tag] a bit better (I has unsuccessful btw) I stumbled onto this [tag]extension[/tag]. Now I can create strong passwords for evey site without having to bother remembering anything else other than the master key. Not only that but I can easily update a [tag]password[/tag] just by “bumping” the site and I can update all my passwords just by changing the master key. I’ll still have to go to each site and update the password; but it’s still easier than thinking of a new one that I can memorize while still keeping it hard to guess.

If I was feeling extra paranoid, I could even stop firefox from memorizing my passwords and it would still not be very difficult for me to type the password each time.

Oh yes, I love my firefox extensions 🙂