The AI Horde Aesthetic and Artifacts Rating now on HuggingFace

While the gathering of aesthetic images never slowed down, the resulting dataset was only ever available from an specific url in the ratings API, making it fairly difficult to discover. To be honest, I was expecting by now, at least some models and other applications would have come out.

To help researchers and other interested parties discover this easier, I decided to upload the dataset file into huggingface. You can find it now here:

The benefit of this location is I can now also provide a README file along with it, explaining the columns in the parquet file, and providing other useful info, such as a huggingface demo.

The image ratings are flooding in!

It’s been about 2 weeks since we deployed the ratings system to gather data for LAION and once the main UIs on-boarded them, they’ve been coming in at an extraordinary pace!

So I thought I’d share some numbers.

Amount of ratings per client

 count  |     client
 175060 | ArtBot
    461 | Discord Bot
    159 | Droom
   4124 | Lucid Creations
   2545 | Stable UI
   9430 | UnknownCode language: SQL (Structured Query Language) (sql)

As you can see, the Artbot ratings are crushing everything else, but to also be fair, Artbot was the first to integrate into the ratings system and is also a very popular UI. The Lucid Creations has added post-generation ratings, but not yet generic ratings. Stable UI and Discord Bot only added ratings a couple days ago. Things are about to pick up even more!

Artifacts per client

 count |     client
 15308 | ArtBot
     0 | Discord Bot
     0 | Droom
  1073 | Lucid Creations
  2550 | Stable UI
     2 | Unknown
(6 rows)

And we also can see how many artifact ratings each client has done. Artifacts were added only a couple days ago as well. Still ArtBot dominates, but only by a single order of magnitude instead of two 😀

Rated images count

 count | ratings_count
 71197 |             1
  7860 |             2
 30140 |             3
  3644 |             4
    71 |             5
    11 |             6
     2 |             7
(7 rows)

(1 row)

The amount of images which have received at least 1 ratings is very heartwarming. We have 112K images rated with at least 1 rating, of which 30K have 3 rating each!

Total ratings count

(1 row)

This is just the raw amount of ratings submitted. Almost 200K between generic ratings and post-generation ratings in ~14 days. That is ~13K ratings per day! For free! Just because people want to support something good for the commons!

This is the power of building a community around mutual aid! People love telling others what they think of their work (just see how many ratings midjourney has received) and people also love supporting an endeavour which through FOSS and transparency, ensures they are not being taken advantage to enrich a few at the top!

This is exactly what my dream was for this project. To unite a community around helping each other, instead of benefiting a corporation at the top. And it is working better than I ever expected in this short amount of time!

Y’all are awesome!