Dr. Horrible

Alright, I finally succumbed to the promotion to see the Dr. Horrible and let me tell you. I’m glad I did. Once again Joss does not let you down.

In truth I was initially turned off when watching the first few minutes of Act 1 as it seemed to me that it was going to be all monologue but after today I took the time to watch it in full, that turned out to be false.

The musical is great, and I loved the whole superhero setting making fun of classic comics where the bad guys always seem to be able to go free after their mischiefs. The humor was also great.

Anyway, I hope to see more of these in the future although I really do hope that instead of continuing the story of Dr.Horrible and Hammer, Joss creates a totally new 3-part storyline and promotes it in the same way as Dr.Horrible.

I want to see different characters. I want to see Different storylines and most importantly, I want to see more Firefly cast taking roles in them 😀

PS: I can’t believe he is still working with Fox for his new series after THEY CANCELED FIREFLY! Argh!