I hate it when they do that…

Me: IT Servide Desk, Konstantine speaking.

User: Hello, I have a problem.

Me: Alright, how can I help.

U: I changed my password this morning, and then I went to have a coffee. I returned and worked on my outlook for a bit and then called you about my internet problem…

Me: And the problem is…?

U: Well, after you solved that, I had to go away for a while, then I returned and I couldn’t login anymore

Me: Because…?

U: My account is locked.

Me: (Silently) Aaaaargh!

Couldn’t you just skip your day story and just tell me the last sentence from the start?

Seriously people. Don’t do that. Unlocking an account is usually a 10 second job. By explaining what happened before, you make it a 5 minute job and annoy the hell out of me.

Just tell me the problem initially.

This goes along with another classic

Me: IT Service Desk, Konstantine speaking.

U: I can’t login.

Me: How do you mean? What does it say?

U: I just can’t login.

Me: Well, can you tell me what is the message you get?

U: What does it matter? I can’t login, just fix it.

Me: Look I have to know if you’re locked out or if your password is wrong. Can you just read me the error message?

U: *Sigh* Alright, wait. It says to make sure my password and username is ok but I’m positive that it is. It was working until now. Just reset it for me.

Me: *Rolling my eyes* Unfortunately as per standard policy you’ll need to come to our office to reset your password…

This is such a classic conversation that it is annoying. Even though it has been this way for like 5 years, users will still demand that we reset their password remotely. They will also keep us on the phone for 5 minutes for what can be achieved in 10 seconds.