Holy shit! I've really let myself go

A chart of how well I'm doing in timeSo I tried once again today to start with my tri-weekly exercises which I’ve stopped since last year (around this time). I was generally expecting to not have the same stamina as before but Jeebus have I falled out of form.

Numbers don’t lie unfortunately and since simplefit provides a handy logging system, I could not really delude myself that I’m at the same level as before. Indeed, I had totally “given up the ghost” by the time I reached half the count of repetitions of what I could achieve before.

At the 10th round of level 4 I was not able to lift myself on the 4th push-up. Could still handle the squats and lift-ups but the push-ups were killing me. In the end I decided just to drop to level 3 for the rest of the exercise and give myself 2 extra rounds for the wasted repetitions. And with that bonus as well, I still only managed to break the same time as in my very first attempt one year ago.

I have gone back where I started at 🙁

Nevertheless, I am willing to delude myself that I will probably catch up to my previous levels as soon as I’ve reminded my muscles what they could do.

Still, by the time I finished, I could barely lift my arms anymore. At least I don’t feel any major pain at the moment which, hopefully, means that I won’t be hurting at all my muscles by tomorrow morning. I could be painfully wrong (heh) but we’ll just have to see.