Hypocritical D?

I was watching music videos of Tenacious D songs on [tag]YouTube[/tag], when my eye fell upon this one:

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Now, this striked me as quite strange for two reasons. First of all I thought Jack Black was much cooler than this. Almost until the end of it, I honestly expected him to support piracy in some funny way. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed to see that he was actually serious on condemning it.

I wouldn’t be so annoyed by that per-se, as piracy, in the original sense of the word (cheap movies sold on the street etc) rewarded the wrong people, but in this vid, he seems to be against file sharing in general which is just wrong. There is just so much arguments to support piracy that I don’t even care to divulge on the point here. Let’s just say that if it was not for piracy, I would never support [tag]Tenacious D[/tag] and/or even know who the fuck they were.

Second, isn’t Jack an avid weed smoker? Isn’t it just a tad hypocritical to talk about right and wrong when he himself breaks the law without remorse? It is not that I am against drug use (far from it) but this shows that Jack Black realizes that the law is not always correct, and thus he chooses to ignore and break it. No, if millions of people who decide that file-sharing should not be illegal are “Douches” (especially since the facts are in their favor) then what does that make Jack, hmmm?

My initial opinion would be, unfortunately, that he has become a Sellout. Pity because my respect for him and his work just dropped considerably.

Can he not realize that it is file-sharing and word-of-mouth that empowered him to such a degree? If it wasn’t for thousands of people sending each other “that funny song” (Fuck her gently) and “that funny video” (Tribute) does he think that he would be as known as he is?
Would Tenacious D become famous in Corporate America, with this combination of music and lyrics and humor that they use? If you think that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…

Deactivating lasers with my dick!

Yesterday I saw Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny and I loved every minute of it. You may not appreciate it that much if you are not a Tenacious D fan but I loved it.

The soundtracks are amazing and the epic song in the end is all the money. The movie is a general comedy with a lot a explicit language (which I don’t mind at all) and it follows the supposed meeting of Tenacious D until the writing of the song “Tribute”.

I will let the first videos speak for themselves.



Download Go and see it!