2 little bastards down. 2 little bastards to go


So here I am, typing one handed because the other hand is holding a block of ice on my cheek to keep the swelling low (No, that’s the real reason. Now go and wash your brain). As you may have guessed by noticing my wonderfully blurred pic on the right, I have pulled out two of my wisdom teeth.

Yes, I wisened up at 27.

After I managed to go to the dentist 9 months later than what I wanted, I was convinced by Viola in coordination with the Dentist to get rid of these worthless pieces of bone. This was generally never high on my list of things to do as they never bothered me much but apparently, at least according to my dentist, they were partially to blame for the grinding of my teeth.

So I took the plunge and today my total sum of teeth has gone from thirty…errr…has been decreased by two.

Unfortunately for me, the roots of these damn things were horribly crooked and/or deep and/or many, leading one to need excessive force to pull out and the second a bit of an operation.

Now I really know what blood smells like, as well as how it feels to really hear a drill in the inside of your head as a piece of tooth root is being excavated, and I’m not joking…

Aaanyway, at least the good to come of this is that the dentist assumed that I would not be able to speak decently and also need some rest so he wrote me 3 days off. Which means the rest of the week is off for me. Kinda like a free and painful vacation.