The chauvinist pig flu

We just discovered a new strain!

Interesting IM convo today

  • purelonewolf: man fuck..nice
    nah – I call it man flu, but its really shit – ill as hell
  • me: ah ok then
    perhaps you do have the man flu. The chauvinist swine flu 😛
  • purelonewolf: hehheh – I like that one
    causes you to sneeze demands for beer from the nearest woman?
  • me: and makes you too weak to make a sammich. Also your pants and bed feel umcomfortable and you can only tolerate sitting on the couc h with your underwear. And your balls itch a lot.
  • purelonewolf: wow.I have that!
    probably no known cure though…..unless
  • me: golly. You should seek feminist attention soon. It may become chronic!
  • purelonewolf: yes…I will inform them that performing fellatio is the only known cure
  • me: Hmmm, I don’t know, sounds too much like a palliative to me
  • purelonewolf: hmm
    interesting point
  • me: And if you leave it too long, your family feminist might be forced to perform an emergency balls-ectomy to save you.
  • purelonewolf: I’ve heard about that .. not my idea of fun times tbh
  • me: yeah and there’s also violent reaction. I’ve heard some men became porn stars as a result.
  • purelonewolf: not all bad then


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