The Libertarian Socialist Pull survey

I’ve written a while ago about the political path of the freethinker and since then I’ve been getting a few responses from individualist anarchists of how they’ve personally followed the political movement I was talking about. This triggered me to put my ideas to the test and see how close to reality my ideas have fallen.

To this end, I’ve created a short survey that I’d like you all to take which should tell us how much social position correlates to ideology. Unfortunately PollDaddy only allows 100 answers for free accounts so the survey sample is not going to be very large. I generally don’t get more than a dozen answers per poll anyway though so I don’t think it’s a big issue. If the survey is filled, I’ll see if another solution can be found.

Of course I will post the results once no more answers are forthcoming for all to see. So please be so kind to take the survey below (javascript required so please turn it on first if it’s disabled). Alternatively, follow this link.

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