The Money Masters

I have just seen an amazing documentary. It is called The Money Masters and although it deals mostly in US economic, it carefully explains how the game is played from the inside. How wars are created in the name of wealth and which purpose they serve. How economic depressions come about what solutions we can pursue.

I really must admit that I have never even thought of these things before and I’m pretty much stunned by the enormity of it all. It’s almost depressing to think the kind of power that will be made to bear on any opposition to the International Banking Cartel.

It truly exemplifies how absolutely screwed we’ll all be if we don’t start to act sooner than later. It is not a wild conspiracy theories as there opinions from nobel prize economists as well as quotes from some quite important people inside.

Please, watch it for yourself. It’s 3.5 hours in two parts but it is totally worth it.