The return of Kensha

Well, I’ll be damned, Kensha (Τάσος) has dropped by Thessaloníki and payed me a visit. Hell, I haven’t seen that soul for must have been at least 4 years.

Me and Kensha go way back to my Kali and Quake 2 times. Damn, just thinking about them makes them sound so long ago! Phew, how time has passed.
I still remember the Quake 2 training we had with one of us setting a dial-up server on his pc and the other connecting to it in order to play Quake 2 through lan. Or the times we played super intense Duke Nukem games using modems and a 4×4 stage 🙂

Good times

Anyway, It seems he came around for site seeing. Originally he called me at 3pm, waking me up in the process, and he didn’t expect me to recognize him. Of course, what he didn’t know was that I had kept his cell phone number all those years. I just didn’t really have any need to delete it and I though it could come in handy eventually.

After some communication problems, because my cell phone has crappy reception in my house, we set up a meeting at the Kamara which is a great Ark in the middle of the town. What I didn’t expect was him having brought his girlfriend along, I heard someone on the phone and I thought it was a friend of his, but it turns out it was her. She just has a bass voice.
We met in 20 minutes and after a short stroll we settled down at the Bolivar cafe.

tasos-kwstas-1.JPGMost of the time we talked either IT (he is a programmer and I am a sysadmin what did you expect) or made fun of powerfool. Powerfool (originally powerfull. Yes with the extra ‘l’) is a common friend that continuously gets into crazy schemes or develops plans to either score chicks or make money. This time he decided to perform a full body hair removal in order to play in music videos of μπουζουκοpop. This is obviously a scheme of the former category. This of course was just reason to start reciting his

older schemes 🙂


Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen Powerfool for at least 4 years as well. I just talk to him now and then through ICQ.

After the, quite expensive, coffee we decided to head out to eat some souvlakia and then split up. They’ll go to a movie afaik and then meet me at the X club that has a birthday party.