The S2 Games CEO is a blatant racist?

Maliken, the CEO of S2 Games is caught red handed spewing racist bigotry and abusing his power. Please help spread the news.

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I just saw this on reddit. Apparently the head honcho of S2 games (going by the alias of Maliken) has been outed as a racist with a trend of power abuse. The evidence is not certain but it is pretty damning.

  • This Teafragger character was playing with 4 other S2 employees but wasn’t an apparent S2 himself. That player has a history of playing with other S2 players, so it’s not a single coincidence of a pubbie.
  • His previous gaming stats were the same as Malikens (i.e. same choice of heroes)
  • Once he got upset by an opposing player, that player got mysteriously temp banned from the game.

Those by themselves are damning enough, buit the reaction of the company is the clincher. They have gone into full blown damage control. Threads mentioning this are being deleted. The name of the original player has been changed in the match stats. The Teafragger player has disappeared. It’s a fairly blatant attempt of DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING!

Well, given their history of sexism, this isn’t such a great moral drop, but it is quite worrying that the manager of a whole gaming company would have no problems not only being a racist scumfuck, but use his power to cover up his tracks when he does. From what I saw before he’s fairly blatant in his homophobia as well so he seems to touch base on all bigotry.

Unfortunately given how this bigotry is not only tolerated by S2 staff, but actively perpetuated by their CEO, it’s no wonder that their community is full of the same bigotry. It’s fairly impossible to play Heroes of Newerth and not encounter insults (usually from teammates) that are at best ableist (“retard” or “tard” is extremely common) and at worst, racist (as you saw in the example above). S2 seems to be doing almost nothing about it and their “Report a Player” function seem to be kind of a joke as well (see second comment). Given the attitude from S2 senior staff themselves, this is not surprising.

At the moment, the only place you can discuss this is in reddit, given that threads on this subject are being deleted from their forums on-sight, so if you’re as dismayed by these acts as I am, come there to express it. I would also appreciate that you spread the news around, especially if you have any contacts within established gaming journalism. S2 needs to be called out on their shit and as long as it’s just a small subreddit that does it, S2 Games will ignore any dissent, delete all awareness in their own fora, and wait until the storm blows over. And then do it again and again. I hope we will not let this happen.

Aside from that, I’m seriously considering switching to DotA2 now because I refuse to support bigots. I don’t know if they will be better at it, but Valve has an OK history so I’m willing to take the chance. Sad things is that I am fairly happy with Heroes of Newerth as a game and wasn’t planning on switching, but I can’t just let this behaviour stand.

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  1. You really need to take a second and calm down about this. I know plenty of people that use racial slurs as profanity when they're truly furious, that doesn't mean they're racist or they promote a racist agenda.

    1. First of all, even if I wasn't calm, you don't get to police my tone. Second of all, yes, people using racist profanities when furious betray a racist undertone in their beliefs, especially the part where they continue to use them regardless of the harm they do to PoC.

      1. Why so mad about racism? Stop being so politically correct, it's ok if there's interracial hate. It's in human nature and you have to be pretty dumb to think that some texts written in the last 10 years is gonna supress something that's been going on for milennia.

      1. Well said Larro ! All people on earth are the same race HUMAN . To be a racist one would have to make slurs against Neanderthals,or the French LOL !

  2. I love how many people come in here to attempt to justify their and others racism.
    Newsflash: people who aren't racist don't use those types of phrases even when furious.
    Also, just because there is a lot of racism in human history doesn't excuse the perpetuation of it in this incredibly integrated and arguably more advanced world we live in.

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