The Smurfette Principle and Sexism in PvPonline

As the feminist frequency brilliantly explains the smurfetter principle, Scott Kurtz apparently decides to remind us how sexist he is.

She says it much better than I could really.

And since I’m on the subject of feminism, can someone explain to me what is going on with all these old school webcomics starting to show more and more sexism? I was going through my PvPonline backlog of the last week and I came upon these two “gems”

Men who are afraid of scary movies are like women while screaming in fear is stereotypical of a married female in “hysterics”

“Women are competitive and catty and generally unkind to each other” (Said by the only main female character – i.e. the “smurfette” of PvPonline)

What the fuck is this shit people?

9 thoughts on “The Smurfette Principle and Sexism in PvPonline”

  1. Not sure why they're getting worse, but I'd like to think that a sudden increase in sexism is due to people becoming more desperate, perhaps because we're winning the fight.

  2. Lol. My girlfriend would agree with the comment about chicks being "catty and generally unkind to each other."
    I'm majoring in a paper at uni that is about 90% female. You know how much shit flies inbetween them all constantly? How many friendships spring up and then are swatted down due to some small wrong one of them feels has been inflicted upon them.

    But if we were to discuss the video you imbedded, it's true, girls need more Role models on TV. And the Smurfette thing has been (I would say) globably recognized to be weird and stupid.

  3. I stumbled across this blog by chance, and was completely impressed by it. Great points, put forward articulately. The internet needs people like you. Thanks!

  4. Well, PvP is kinda shit anyways. The dude is racist, sexist and so full of himself I almost always get mad when I read his comments. He used to be funny at first but not any more. I've read his comic for about 10 years(?) now and I don't even remember when it was the last time I found a good joke.

    By writing this I realize that I only read his comic out of habit.

    1. And now you just made me realize the same thing. Time to unsubscribe. The latest storyline with M:TG is just pathetic…

      1. I read it by habit as well. The blogs are simply "this is why I'm so great/Seattle is so great" and the stories feel like Scott hasn't had a real relationship since high-school. I keep hoping something will change.

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