This is why I love GNU/Linux

A short ICQ chatlog of my girlfriend having firefox problems and how easy it was to fix.

(7:16:50 PM) Viola: I have installed an update and now my firefox does not work anymore
(7:17:04 PM) Viola: chchchchilfä!
(7:17:07 PM) db0: what happens?
(7:17:13 PM) Viola: dead
(7:17:18 PM) Viola: It doesn’t talk to me
(7:17:38 PM) Viola: I can’t start it anymore
(7:17:55 PM) db0: ok, open a terminal and try the following
(7:18:02 PM) db0: sudo killall firefox
(7:18:21 PM) Viola: ok
(7:18:27 PM) Viola: un jetz?
(7:18:30 PM) db0: done?
(7:18:32 PM) Viola: jepp
(7:18:37 PM) db0: OK, try to open it again
(7:18:58 PM) Viola: aaaaaaah
(7:19:02 PM) Viola: schibby
(7:19:03 PM) Viola: danke
(7:19:06 PM) db0: 😉
(7:19:23 PM) db0: I love GNU/Linux 🙂
(7:19:31 PM) Viola: ich auch!

In windows I’d still be explaining how to open the task manager 🙂

3 thoughts on “This is why I love GNU/Linux”

  1. An unfair comparison. If the person you chat with knows what a "terminal" is, then s/he is not a newb. A non-newb windows user knows, or can easily launch, the task manager. Another reason why I no longer use Linux, most users I encounter are snobs.

    1. Opening the terminal in linux is as simple as going to "Start Menu > Terminal". Opening the task manager is not as easy and once you're there you still have to guide the user to find the process among the dozens of them and kill it.

      And for the record, my girlfriend is as a newb as can be. She is just smart enough to have learned how to find a program and copy-paste a command.

      As for your snobbery comment, It has no relevance here. I can easy say that most Windows proponents are misguiding douchebags but it wouldn't be an argument for anything, especially not for not using Windows.

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