To serve and protect

See how the police abuses activists just because they don’t show the mandatory consent.

This is what you get when you give a lot of power to a small minority (and only to a small minority) of people in order to “protect” you.

We had to wait again, with the handcuffs on, in the bus outside the prison for about one and a half hours. One protester was begging the police over and over to be allowed to go to the toilet, but was continually ignored or refused. The protester asked if the police wanted him to pee in his pants on the bus floor. In response, two policemen dragged him outside, smashed his head hard against the side of the bus and told him something the rest of us could not hear. After this, the protester was dragged back on to the bus, still in desperate need of the toilet.

Fucking, fucking pigs!

I’m certain all of you will rest better knowing that all those scary pacifists are being practically tortured for your protection. We can’t have the unwashed masses crashing the party of the ruling elite now can we?

4 thoughts on “To serve and protect”

  1. Ugh. I remember watching clips from this year's G20 summit protests in Pittsburgh. It was absolutely stomach-turning. They even went in and tear-gassed indoors at a public venue (U. Pitt) and then wouldn't let students leave (even though the students weren't even protesters, they were just standing in the hall watching the protests from the windows.) "Fucking pigs" was the understatement of the century.

    1. Yeah, I watched that stuff as well. I know I made an understatement but to properly express the sentiments against pigs, I'd have to defile my whole site.

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