Tyrrany of the Olympics

The Beijing Olympics are growing more and more ridiculous by the day. The International Olympic Committee seems to have a perverse idea of what it means to represent the event. They have the impression that it means total behaviour control of anything having even a remote connection to Olympics.

Witness them contacting the Swedish government to take down a wholly legitimate website by Swedish law, making the Chinese government cover up all brands not sponsoring the Olympics everywhere and promoting the suppresion of behaviour.

It really looks like for the IOC and the Chinese totalitarian government is a match made in Nirvana. It really goes to show how the IOC wants the rest of the world to act and how they would if they could…

Can I ask why people are falling over each other to host the damn things? It is simply an extravagance of corruption, steroids and shallow nationalism. The costs are extreme and the aftermath is a country’s economy in ruins.

You know what the Olympic games are? A parasite. They move into a country and start sucking the life’s blood of the nation, replacing it with cheap nationalist pride. Once bursting red with money, they detach and go hunting for their next victim, leaving their previous host’s economy in ruins and no t angible benefit.
All the while the parasite grows in power and starts pushing other hosts around to accomodate it.