Vestas workers now besieged and starved by police.

Help the Vestas occupation continue. Take direct action and prevent them being driven out by force or hunger. The time to act is NOW people!

A critical point has been reached in the recent Vestas turbine factory occupation, as now the occupying workers have been fenced in by security guards and supporters trying to bring in food are being prevented and arrested by the police.

Things seem to progressing quite fast on that front.The reaction of the managers an the state has been swift and it has managed to prevent the initial organization of the workers of progressing any further towards a more solidified occupation or possible takeover. I do not know what to make of this really. Is it possible that the UK is actually taking notice of places like Argentina and being pre-emptive about it?

In any case, the latest development is disheartening. Unless the police and security grip on the factory is broken, the occupation is certain to reach an abrupt end once hunger takes over. People are already demonstrating in various ways they can to the government officials but this is unlikely to do any good if the workers are forced out of the factory either by force or hunger. What they really need now I believe is direct action on the premises. People must band together to either reinforce the workers or manage to pass them food. If this requires tearing down the fence so be it.

So I urge you, if you’re a socialist activist and live within driving distance of the location, consider going there for hand-on support. Contact the radicals in your area and urge them to put their words into action. If the occupation of Vestas progresses to something favourable then it might provide a spark and incentive for other UK workers. If not, an opportunity will have been lost.

Follow updates on the Vestas occupation from their blog.

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  1. The government *should* keep all green factories running at full tilt. There's nothing more valuable to the planet right now than wind turbines. Except maybe solar panels. But turbines are bigger, faster, and produce power more hours of the day than solar.

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