What would socialism look like?

A very interesting video about a company using distinctly socialistic methods to improve worker production and morale.

Many people have a vision of Soviet Russia when thinking of Socialism. if not that, probably then propagandistic visions of Cuba or somesuch. But what would Socialism probavly look like? Well, I just found out something close enough to give you an idea


UPDATE: I don’t know what’s wrong with the embedding here. If you can’t see it, try the direct link. It worked for me.

If you thinking right now. “Who wouldn’t want to work there”, I say: Exactly!

All that is left to do to take this to the socialist level is to make sure that all the workers of this company get an equal share of the profits (instead of a simple wage) and that they have a democratic say in the company’s path.Reblog this post [with Zemanta]

5 thoughts on “What would socialism look like?”

  1. Man that sounds great. Seems like a great preview for how work under Communism would be, too–no boss forcing you to work longer hours, just do the work and kick back. 😉

  2. They still have bosses though and i didn’t hear anyone say that the workers own the company.

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