Why do people hate the USA?

Harold Pinter’s Nobel prize winning speech shows us all the very dirty behind the scenes history of the USA.

No, it’s not because they’re jealous. The following videos might give you a hint



Being Greek, I can attest to the amount of loathing that is felt against the US Imperialism which helped build up a Military coup and a dictatorship.

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24 thoughts on “Why do people hate the USA?”

  1. That was a great speech, despite Pinter's sickness and frailty. Democracy Now! played more of it a day or two later, including Pinter's recital of Neruda's great poem I'm Explaining A Few Things. The conviction in the playwrite's voice, in combination with Neruda's words,
    "Come and see the blood in the streets.
    Come and see
    the blood in the streets.
    Come and see the blood
    in the streets!"
    nearly moved me to tears. Powerful stuff.

  2. Great post and great speech. I had never seen that before but I am glad you put it here. I wish this country would just stop intervening everywhere in a transparent attempt at 'keeping our standing'. I take it a step further though, I not only disagree with our interference in other countries affairs when the international community condemns it, I would also like to see us stand back when action is 'needed' according to the international community. I want for other countries to find their own way to success, since our interfering in their development cannot possibly help anyone anyway. I get this principle from the words of Thomas Jefferson: "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with ALL nations; entangling alliances with none", even if he wasn't strong enough to hold to those ideals.

    1. so what youre saying is, that during ww2, it was a good idea to stay silent in the face of the holocaust, so that germany could "find its own way" to kill another mllion jews.
      sometimes nations go astray, and it is the role of other nations to guide them to a peaceful state of being.
      such is the case of palestine, darfour, afghanistan and iraq
      these countries or regions haves proved several times that they are inable to improve the lives of their populations, must we stand silent while women ar stonned in afghanistan or 14 year olds are sent to commit suicide in packed israeli cafés?
      if so, then we are obtuse and do not deserve all the progress we are enjoying…

      1. You have got to be shitting me. Anything from Palestine to Iraq that you mentioned has become worse from US Intervention. That goes along with the rest of the shit the USA has done behind the scenes. US. Americans are very happy to bring up WW2 and claim that if they could intervene there, they have the right to intervene everywhere. But you forget that the US did not intervene in the war until the Japanese forced the issue and before that, they were quite happy to sell guns and other products to the Axis.

        The whole video was talking how USA is not interested in improving the lives of population, only for preventing socialism in whatever form.

        1. i dont care about the states, its the principle: had the world intervened the holocaust would have prevented, or greatly lessened thats a fact.
          saddam hussein shot missiles at a country with whom he didnt even have a war. people taped their houses in fear of gas, which he said that was inside the missiles… this is someone whose rule must be ended. capitalism is not perfect but it beats the shit out of mass murder or the other stuff that his sons pulled off in that poor country.
          to say that the US is imperfect is an understatement but grow up, you can speak your mind there and you enjoy freedoms that people in africa, parts of asia, and parts of south america, havent even dreamed of.
          thats the problem with you people in the states and europe, you are so far away from suffering that you have cannot grasp what it means. you sit there feeding from the press and intellectual blogs that give you the so called truth, when you have no idea where that truth starts or ends.
          spend a week in gaza or the israeli towns around it, and youl see the same fear on peoples faces.
          try to go to work on a bus that explodes once every two months like clockwork OR watch people stand in line for hours on an israeli checkpoint.
          youll have to do one of those things – ive done them both – to understand these things you pretend to understand.
          otherwise youre all just spoiled kids playing "our government is soooo corrupt" in front of their macbooks…

          1. You're goddamn troll. Who put Sadam in power in the first place? Who lied about Saddam having WMDs? You are truly the sample of what I'm talking about when I say that people hate the USA. Nobody wants you fucking country messing with the world and keeping everyone down. And everyone can see through the bullshit propaganda you keep spewing out. So tell it to your imperialist friends cause I don't buy it,

            freedoms that people in africa, parts of asia, and parts of south america, havent even dreamed of.

            Yeah because the USA didn't let them!. I have two videos on the top, I suggest you see them

          2. you know what?
            i'm not even an american, im israeli – supposedly a provincia of the US, the 51st state….
            and just an hour ago, ive got a call from my commander saying ive got report tomorrow morning somewhere near Gaza.
            im a fourth year student, but there's a war going on, so thats that.
            who cares if the US weaves its webs all around the world, im glad ill have their M16s and above me american made F16 will protect me.
            people like saddam are my enemies, with or without the US.
            people like him, rose to power following the vacuum that the UK left as they hauled ass out of here to become the mediocre nation they are today.
            what you seem to forget is that the strongest will always aim at achieving power.
            that means that if it wasnt for the US the world would have been ruled de facto by the USSR or China or Iran…
            im mature enough to understand the meaning of "the lesser evil", but it seems you arent.

  3. Amazing and dead on. I have held these thoughts about my government and the right wing enablers for quite sometime yet I was never able to put them in to words, especially not as eloquently as Harold Pinter put it.

  4. The United States is an nation of hypocrites. There is no denying that. And also "neo colonialism" cannot be overlooked. The USA has actually interfered in many a nation's internal affairs and sovereign issues and very cleverly and indirectly that too.
    It was responsible for the creation of the mujahideen along with Pakistan and Afghanistan. And these Mujahideen are now the very terrorists that are threatening the whole world.
    But the most prominent one was the Iraq invasion. Maybe with Bush gone there might be some changes…

  5. Just because the USA protects you now does not mean that they are overall good. It just means that you're the lucky ones. But the wheels turn, at one point Saddam was a friend of the USA (they put him in power) and at another, the Taliban were their friends as well (they put them in power). The time will come (and I bet soon) where Israel will not be worth it anymore.

    But this has nothing to do with Israels horrible war of aggression. It has to do with USA's general conduct for which Isreal is merely a pawn.

    Also don't kid yourself that the "Socialist" countries would have conquered the world if it wasn't for the good ol' USA. You play way too much Red Alert and have been basking in too much propaganda.

  6. Although there is a small sliver of hope things can improve, I wouldn't hold your breath. A huge majority of people living in the US don't even look at the world around them to know whats going on… spoon fed by the propaganda.

  7. Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. The rest of the world doesn't like us, yet immigrants continue to flood the US everyday illegally and legally. Countries are begging for aid and money from the US because no one else will help. When you have to be the parents for everyone else, of course you won't be loved.

    1. Don't flatter yourself. Immigrants enter all the developed nations in similar numbers and people begging you for money? Please. USA practically is sucking China's and Japan's dick for money at this point.

      1. Wow with such adult language you must know what your talking about.
        I'm not sure where your getting your data about immigration, but your
        sadly mistaken.

        1. Implying your = you're, then attacking the other person for grammar and language issues.
          Implying that you're not answering with ad hominem remarks.
          Implying that you're providing any kind of evidence.
          Implying that your nation is the center of the world, and that db0's comment is not true.
          Implying the USA is not trillions in debt and can actually spare real money.
          Implying that you are not a retard.

    1. no doubt, the hand held phones are now to blame. living in New York and being run over by people on the side walk as they cream by me with their hand held I now believe the phone a worse person deadener than a television.

  8. Among my acquaintances : ALL those non-native ameicans who love usa are either ignorants or simple-minded persons, who do think that usa is democratic. This apply to those who work and live there (and are forced to remain there for one reason or another). It is stupid to say that people hate usa because they are jealous : if so people who emigrated to usa would love america and they DON’T. NOBODY HATES THE AMERICAN PEOPLE those who hate usa , do hate the politics and arrogance of the system. The issue of israel: The problem here is that the usa is governed by israel (through the congress, etc.) , so maybe we’d bettet pity the american people for being so deceived, and not only the arab world hates usa for support to israel; almost every human-being (other than cionist) who has not been brainwashed (Most americany are ,unfortunately brainwashed) . Democracy: In fact there is no democracy anywhere in the world, there is some sort of so called “freedom of speech”, in the so called democratic countries (and you will die by chance from an accident, or shot-gun etc.. if your opinion seems to be dangerous) . In this respect usa is one of the most dictatorical system in the world, if not the most dictatorical.

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