W:O:A 2007 Gallery filled

Faces to loveSo, I’m back as you probably figured out. No big post yet but the gallery for the festival is filled with stuff. Until I can get around to writing the damn blogpost check it out and feel free to comment on stuff.

Unfortunately, two of my better and bigger vids where corrupted after I took them (no idea why. Size I guess?). But if you think you might be able to restore them, by all means attempt it! I’d be grateful if you did.

As for the post, I’ll try to split it into two parts. The first will be about my experience in the festival and will be hosted here, while I’m planning on writing the second over at my last.fm journal just for the heck of it.

Write to you soon.

3 thoughts on “W:O:A 2007 Gallery filled”

  1. on which campground were you on?
    sadly I missed you all 😉 hope you had such a good time as I had

  2. Why didn’t you let us know beforehand then? We were on C. It’s a shame we did not meet. You’re the second person I’ve missed

  3. sorry, mate….I was thinking about it, but moved then, visited my parents and just forget it :/
    next time 😉 and I’m gonna be at the final more often the next months.
    who else did you miss?

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