Yet more proof that all MOBA (AKA DotA-clone) communities are absolute shit.

I’ve spoken in length about how sexist S2 and Heroes of Newerth is, which is not surprising given how bigoted their CEO is, and other have written about how Riot games and League of Legends is not far behind in providing fan service and all the other things that implies. But I still had some hope for DotA 2,which was being developed after all by Valve, which has at least somewhat a better record at how it presents women, as seen by the absolute top male nerd fantasy: Alyx Vance. Sure, their promo images of the game characters were obviously sexist and others have raised concerns about the direction the community was taking already, but hope dies last as they say, so despite all this, and despite the fact that MOBA communities are the absolute scum of the earth, I wanted to believe that some Valve guidelines and strong moderation might improve things

How wrong I was.

It seems that the DoTA2 community is shaping to be as bad, if not worse than the S2 community and the all-powerful report function isn’t having any effect whatsoever, especially given that the moderators are actually of the same shitty opinion as the rest of their scumfuck players.

There’s really not much else to say, that the community can’t say by itself. Some choice quotes

I’m not homophobic and I call people fags all the time.

george just come out of the closet already

Because, of course, only secretly members of marginalized communities might ever be against their oppression. This argument would be so bad if it wasn’t so fucking common.

For example, I have multiple homosexual friends including one who enjoys dressing up in feminine clothing and a wig, putting on make-up, to become his alternate persona “Greere Grimes”. He has 2 or 3 friends that do this as well regularly. When we see each other at the gym and talk to each other, and he says something such as (This is a true story), “Did you see the guy at the check-in? OH MY GOD I couldn’t breathe!” and I laugh and go “Dan you’re such a fag ahahah”, he chuckles and says “Oh I know! I’m gonna go talk to him” and viola. There is no offense taken because he understands that while society attaches negativity to the word, he knows I personally do not and as well, he is in fact a faggot and is fully comfortable with it.

This is the same person who as Greere Grimes was at a bar and left early without his friends, while 3 men followed him outside and broke multiple ribs as well as giving him many bruises including a black eye. These was a hate crime and the 3 men are still at large. He was in the hospital for 4 days.

Someone who understands the hate that people can have in their hearts, and HE is comfortable with someone calling him a faggot?


I will continue to call people faggots until nobody is offended. And then I will use the word to refer to homosexuals. Because that’s what it’s already supposed to be doing.


There are no words…

I don’t get offended at asian jokes being asian myself

Nor do I get hurt by random t2s randomly throwing out racial slurs and happen to hit one

Never will be and never have been.

If I talk to my mexican friend and say something about her getting smuggled over the border she will just laugh.

If I talk to my blonde friend and tell her a really crappy dumb blonde joke she wont care.

Someone please bring out the Special Snowflake award.

This is like black people still crying about shit all the time. “Yo we can say nigger but if you white people say it that shit racist yo”


Same game moderator went ahead to complain about how hard straight white mailes have it. Seriously.

Anyone who actually posts in here and tries to defend it saying that its hurtful are gay. Straight up I want your wiener in my mouth gay. Now get your ass outa the closet and stop being a white knight of the internet.


I gave up shortly after the last quote.

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