You're not an underdog fighting "political correctness". You're just a bigot.

Movebob succintly explains why the idea of being “Politically correct” is a tool used by those who want to be bigots.

MovieBob makes a great case against all those who spew oppressive shit and then hide behind free speech by labeling all those calling them out on their bigotry as “politically correct”.

If you’ve ever spent any time arguing identity politics, then you must by now hate the term “politically correct” as much as I do, so this video was a breath of fresh air.

People seem to think that the concept of free speech is a shield that allows them to spew bigotry and hate without repercussions. Any criticism of said hate speech is treated as an assault on free speech itself which is patently absurd since one is using free speech in their criticism. No, calling out bigotry and asking people to be more considerate (i.e. stop being jerks to marginalized classes) is not “censorship” or “fascism”. I simply exercise my own rights to free speech to point out bigots, and call out for others to enforce peer pressure on them to change their bigoted ways.

Free speech does not mean “No consequences for your speech” anymore than Free Religion means that all religions need to be “respected”. If what you say (or believe) is hateful and hurtful, then you will rightly be called out on it and should expect people to take direct action against you. What that action is, depends on how much harm your free speech causes but those people have as much right to take action to hurt you, as you took action to hurt them.

30 thoughts on “You're not an underdog fighting "political correctness". You're just a bigot.”

  1. Oh wow, thank you! I've gotten really sick of this anti-PC crap. And it isn't just about assholes who want to say whatever they want. It's dangerous. John Howard ran on this backlash to get support to become Prime Minister of Australia, because people were sick and tired of those lazy aborigines taking all their hard-earned tax money, etc. Anti-PC was used as an excuse for racism to run rampant, to take what little power the indigenous people of Australia had from them and make them even more destitute and shame them even more. It is used by virtually every conservative person, politician, and pundit to gain support from the population and it works incredibly well. People don't like being called out on their bigotry, and those with power have created a culture where you pat yourself on the back for being a bigot and fighting the "free speech" fight.

  2. It’s ludicrous…. Just about every time I see the terms “PC” or “political correctness”, the speaker is against it. The term is being used just like Bill O’Reilly, of FOX “News”, uses the word “liberal” — as a club.

    Nothing is wrong with so-called political correctness. In some cases the word being talked about is completely inaccurate and should be replaced. In others, a word is used because it is MORE accurate and/or doesn’t have an undeserved, negative connotation. There are some misapplications of “political correctness” for sure, but what the critics don’t seem to realize — or if they do realize it, they’re transparently being bigots — is that “political correctness” is really just about trying to be nice to people who, as a group, don’t deserve any other treatment.

  3. So does refusing to use the politically correct term "differently abled" to refer to myself make me a bigot? It's demeaning and stupid. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

    1. This is not how you refer to yourself. It's how others who don't have your disability refer to people like you.

  4. While yes, I do agree that some pundits use the "shield" of political correctness to protect themselves from the stigma of being an asshole we really need to research the situation more. Take your comment on resident evil 5, that was not a racist game at all; looking at the storyline the protagonist since the game's inception was white and the virus they were fighting did originate in Africa. It just made sense to make the game that way; if that offends someone, well tough, get over it. The hard issues we need to talk about are very politically incorrect and they need to be discussed as bluntly as possible. I could list numerous examples and if you want I will later but, I think you get the point; people who are assholes will get what's coming to them, but, don't censor my speech because it hurts someone's feelings.

    1. I don't know a lot about RE5 or what exactly the criticism was but even from what you say, the game doesn't have to be set this way.

      The hard issues we need to talk about are very politically incorrect and they need to be discussed as bluntly as possible.

      That's not for the privileged person like you or me to declare, just because we have the benefit of not being harmed by hate speech. Show some goddamn tact and empathy instead of playing bullshit macho pundit.

    2. people who are assholes will get what's coming to them, but, don't censor my speech because it hurts someone's feelings.

      If you are using hate speech, or speech that you have been informed hurts marginalized people, then you're the asshole and I'm going to bring what's coming to you. I'm not going to censor your speech, but I am going to make you suffer appropriate consequences for it.

  5. Okay I guess I'm what you liberals call "a bigot". I guess since I"m white, heterosexual american man that immediately makes my life too easy, so you better knock me down a few notches. I also think that my what my ancestors did 150 years ago is still my fault. Sins of the fathers.

    Political Correctness is this:. Is societal protection and extra sensitivity to various minority classes EXCEPT the certain majority groups (such as white american st8 guys like me) who can be demonized relentlessly with no repercussion.

    I guess since you are all "enlightened" and I'm so "ignorant" than absolutely any argument I have against PCism should be immediately discredited. Two wrongs make a right, right?

    1. Nobody is knocking you down a few notches because you're privileged. They're notching you down a few notches if you use your privilege to abuse and marginalize the ones who are not privileged such as with using hate speech that marginalized groups have told you is not OK.

      It's not two wrongs here. There's only one wrong, yours.

  6. Alright folks. When I first read dbo's comment I became predictably furious. I rather be what you call a "transparent bigot" than a liberal white chump. For a long time I was quiet and unassuming towards PCism. I noticed my white friends/family pretty much ignore PCism. Writing it off as annoying. However PCism has prevailed, especially in our government, higher education and entertainment sectors. Now I'm speaking up….being "transparent" about a problem that is not only harmful towards whites, but all minorities. PCism gives you less real credibility. It shows that you are somehow "special" and we need to be sensitive. That's equality, that's marxism.

    Also dbo's mentioned " It's not two wrongs here. There's only one wrong, yours……". Lets think about that response. Really. Do you expect me to respect you as rational person using reason not emotion to argue your point? Are you going to get through to me by throwing out insults and PC "hush words" like bigot, intolerant, prejudice…etc?

    With my own emotion aside, I want to try a different approach besides re actively arguing. I will never get anywhere or vice versa just getting in childish arguments with you PC folks. It's LOGIC which will ultimately let us progress.

    Although I find liberal thinking to be ludicrous I respect one thing about it. Some liberals really want fair treatment, happiness and equality for all. While I don't understand their arguments, I can see the ends they have (although I agree with the means).

    If you haven't noticed I'm conservative. But you know what? I want the same too. I really want a happier, peaceful and equal world. I want to see minorities coexist as productive citizens. Also I really don't respect what my ancestors did to black folks, jewish folks (in europe), native americans and other minorities who were REALLY were oppressed. Although now I see Indians (not native americans) and other minorities that were never oppressed in the USA "piggybacking" on the PCism….thats a different story. Slavery, genocide and segregration is a black eye on my race. I admit it. However white liberals and some minorities DWELL and DWELL and DWELL on the history of this. They also chalk of up their current problems, either real or perceive to be a derivative of prejudice. Sometimes it is, but really most of the time it really is their own short comings that put them in the position they are in. PC people talk about making concessions, "reparations" and apologies to historically oppressed folks. Even if that were possible (e.g. Obamacare) white people/the government DO NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY to solve your problems. We only have the capability of spending money we don't have. We see where that's taken us. You need to take responsibility if you want to succeed. Some white people might hold you back, but most really want to see you succeed IF YOU ARE WILLING TO HELP YOURSELF.

    If anything harboring all this resentment, bitterness and hatred towards st8 white people perpetuates a problem you call "bigotry". Here's a suggestion. Why don't minority leaders like the Jesse Jacksons out there try a different approach that few others have considered. FORGIVENESS. Why can't minority leaders just say directly. We colored people forgive the transgressions and crimes that was committed to our ancestors years ago. It was wrong, but you are not your ancestors and neither are we. Bill Cosby did this a while ago. I gained tons of respect for his practicality. Can other people move on? .

    It's possible to have a happier world folks. But blame leads to more blame. Let go of the past.

    1. This is just wrong.
      Blacks are angry at the massive poverty that arose from /institutionalized/ oppression that went on for nearly one thousand years, not some grudge. /Government supported/ oppression resulted in mass poverty, leading to a modern day serfdom.
      The bourgeois moderates (liberals) are looking to level the uneven playing field, you're seeing this very real situation from the vantage point of a 500 foot hill.

      You claiming that the whole "two wrongs don't make a right" is valid in this situation is analogous to you looking at /your/ hill compared to the field and saying "Yep, no problem here!" Blacks can't forgive because the wounds are as fresh as ever, despite all oppressive institutions having been dismantled a long, long time ago.

      This whole angry rant is grossly misinformed set of thought terminating cliches that are repeated, ad naseum, by a capitalist owned media. I do like that you find logic valid over silly passion plays and whatnot.

      And the Coup de grâce saying that blacks should "bootstrap"? Yeah, as a black person, blacks are too demoralized and individuated and apathetic to work cooperatively for collective gain; even blacks repeat that silly platitude. If you're talking about some stupid nonsense about "WORK HARDER", then shut up.

  7. "If you want to know what a progressive is up to, then listen carefully to what he accuses his opposition of doing".

    A bigot is someone who is obstinate in his opinions. It could be about anything. For example, I once dated a girl who thought homosexuals were 'born that way'. I pointed out to her how usually when one identical twin is homosexual then the other one is not. I also pointed out to her various scientific studies showing that they can become heterosexual, and it actually improved their mental health. Then I showed her some articles on genetics pointing out that there is a stronger genetic impetus behind schizophrenia than same sex attractions. She looked at me and said "Well, I still hope they find a way to prove they are born that way." What could be more obstinate, and thus bigoted, than that? She refused to change her opinion to match reality.

    At the end here I'll embed a video of a former Soviet citizen talking to some of the Occupy Wall Street goons. He tells them how he is a former Soviet citizen, and that socialism has killed millions. She refuses to believe him. She looks like she actually has a hard time believing that the guy with a Russian accent is from the Soviet Union. THAT is bigotry.

    [youtube jMV0TR3pGzg youtube]

    1. Soviet citizens can be just as mistaken on what socialism is as Republicans. Homosexuality is genetic. You're a horrible bigot.

      1. Project much? In the words of Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project: "An area of particularly strong public interest is the genetic basis of homosexuality. Evidence from twin studies does in fact support the conclusion that heritable factors play a role in male homosexuality. However, the likelihood that the identical twin of a homosexual male will also be gay is about 20% (compared with 2-4 percent of males in the general population), indicating that sexual orientation is genetically influenced but not hardwired by DNA, and that whatever genes are involved represent predispositions, not predeterminations."

        Given that you insist upon clinging to a decades old falsehood about homosexuality that never had any evidence behind it, you are the bigot. But keep calling others that –it gets funnier every time. People like you are downright evil and regressive

        1. You don't know what bigorty is. If you want to argue about the causes of homosexuality, talk to the gay community. They will all tell you the same. Being gay is as much of a choice as being straight. A single study about homosexuality in twins does not prove otherwise.

          1. First, a single study can prove that homosexuality is not genetically predetermined. Second, I know better than you do what bigotry is, down to the etymology of the word. A bigot is someone who is obstinate in his beliefs. It comes from Old French 'bigot', a term they called the Normans because of their frequent use of the Old English oath 'bi Got' (that's "By God!"). There are objective facts here: one is that twin studies show homosexuality is not genetically predetermined, and two that the homosexual community has a bias and vested interest in justifying their behavior. Ex-gays do exist. By refusing to acknowledge these facts you are being obstinate, and thus the very definition of the word 'bigot' in its modern meaning. I must sign off now, since it is ultimately futile for me to try and reason with a bigot.

  8. Call me a happy racist bigot naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews then. I could give 2 craps. I am anti PC and PROUD. A negro is a negro. A garbage man is a garbage man… someone mentally slow is retarded. Get the hell over yourselves!

  9. There’s something called respect, but many people use it to show how tolerant they are. I think, though, these so-called enlightened people need to look in the mirror. Like, Giovanni, I couldn’t give a flying rat about PC. Liberals claim to be the most broad-minded people, but say something bad about minority groups, and they give you the finger and shout you down. That’s a contradiction if I ever saw one!

  10. What is political correctness ? The proof that the apostles of tolerance and equality are, in practice, the most intolerant bigots imaginable. The owner of this blog himself proves this point in the comments he wrote on this 'article' – whoever dares to contradict the politically correct orthodoxy is immediately cursed and called a "bigot", no matter what arguments he brought into discussion.

    Is it any wonder that all equality movements in history announced themselves through bloodbaths and destructions ? (see the French and soviet revolutions)

  11. Kind of how you Politically Correct commisars use “racist” as a club?

    Yeah, that’s good–use a term created by Trotsky’s pals in the USSR as a tool to genocide White people under Bolshevism, and expect no one to call you out on it?

    Get ready for DIRECT ACTION, as your author put it.

    I, for one, will never put up with you and yours’ antiwhite crap. You’re all nothing but puppets for the Rothschild establishment, and you’re NOTHING but antiwhite.

    Anti-racism is antiwhite, and you used your words to steal entire countries out from under Indo-Europeans and moved forward with a plan to genocide us off the face of the planet.

    You are all treasonous dogs and traitors because many of you are Whites turned against your own kind. All the other Talking Points (like feminism, for example, to lower birthrates) are just cogs in the machine. The big picture is that you promote genocide anywhere your cancerous belief system goes.

    If China was insane and allowed your ideology in, pretty soon their economy would be wrecked and they would be getting genocided off the planet by non-Chinese.

    You idiots’ notion of “privilege” (which in the real world is called private property) is far worse than anything the Fuhrer in the old country ever come up with. I bring that up for yet another hole in your absurd reasoning, since you types always hate on him and support Holocaustianity.

    Well, guess what? Lots of regular people have HAD IT with you types and your subversive, DESTRUCTIVE meddling.

    I will support the most autocratic Fuehrer I can if only he will promise to deal with PC morons!

    I went to the 5TH POSITION because of you people. Most of you don’t even know what that is and can’t comprehend it, but it is an END to -isms, which will be the death of all PC ideology for all time.

    All hail the knights! Let justice ring forth from your swords!
    Force is right, and let weakness and lies be known as treason!

    >>Full-on revolution is the ONLY solution!

  12. Indeed, anyone who disagrees with high and mighty Stalin is just a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racism is antiwhite, and they can’t respond to that because it annihilates their belief system.

  13. Gotta love how you just->

    “Bigot, bigot. Bigot! OMG BIGOT.”

    You don’t own the damn term. Really, you have satirized it beyond belief.

    Not unlike the “Race doesn’t exist/White people are evil” meme.

  14. A lot of that is just nonsense because you’re still stuck between belief systems. What the Jews did in Europe and Russia is way worse than anything White people EVER did.

    Kick that false guilt to the curb. The Rothschild establishment that gave these goody two-shoe PC disciples their Talking Points hates you and lusts after your genocide.

    The reality of WWI and WWII is WHITE genocide. While lots of other people died, it was all a concerted and orchestrated effect to kill White people. Even Communism vs. Fascism was vying for the minds of White people.

    Well, evil has won for too long. It is time to put antiwhite nonsense in its place.

    Kick every “equalist” belief to the curb. Free yourself from all belief and learn anew.

    It works, and you can be free.

  15. LOL @ “Hate speech.”

    As opposed to all that genocide love?

    When genocide is imposed on White people and ONLY on White people, it is called “love.” Resistance to it is “hate” and made illegal for the lesser goyim.

    You can’t have an opinion on your dispossession–that’s “hate.”

    Hate is a codeword for White neighborhoods.

    You are antiwhite.

    Antiracist PC bullshit is antiwhite.

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