Zpiderman three

I saw it. It was not particulary good. It was just another superhero movie that was basing it’s success more on brand recognition (spiderman fans) and amazing CGI. The scenario was very weak and the acting sub-par.

Things I particulary loathed

  • The whole “Americans love Spidey” thing they put on all the fucking time . It just look silly!
  • Parker getting “the evil look”. That always annoys me to no end in Holywood movies. Whenever the good guy becomes bad, he will invariably start dressing in black and change his hairstyle (This time parker became emo). It tried to pass the notion that only people who dress trendily and have conventional looks can be “good” when nothing could be further than the truth. Just once I’d like to see a realistic transformation to extreme selfishness.
  • Spiderman striding in front of the American flag before going into the final combat. FFS! I guess we could count ourselves lucky that he was not dressed in Red, White and Blue as well…
  • The Sentimental / Crying scenes. That was just so corny and fake that everyone in the cinema ended up laughing every time Parker cried.
  • Not. Enough. Venom! They finally put the best Spiderman villain in, and they end up showing him in action for something like 15 minutes. And he’s a true villain this time, not like the other pussies that were stealing for their daughters and projects and shit. Just pure evil.
  • Mary-Jane becoming the damsel in distress all the fucking time.

As always, the trailer of the movie was more interesting than the movie itself, and in this particular case, the trailers of the other movies were more interesting as well.

The cinema experience as always sucked. No surround sound, talking, not big enough screen and other shit like that.

3 thoughts on “Zpiderman three”

  1. uh, nice summary of the movie and mostly I agree with you.
    fucking stupid movie ๐Ÿ™ I was looking forward to see Venom in a real movie and what happend…crying and screaming from this damn bitch the whole time*roll eyes*
    I read that the want to express the relationship about mary jane and parker more than in the comics, but wtf?! I didnt go to the cinema to see spidey being emo *hmpf*

    guess we could count ourselves lucky that he was not dressed in Red, White and Blue as wellโ€ฆ hehe, sadly he isnt captn america or wonderwoman ๐Ÿ˜‰ (which let me think abpout a justics league….hooray to green arrow and batman, the true superheros without any special powers)

    well, new batman movie seems bad as well :/ heath ledger as the joker? cant imagine that, but gary oldman will rock anyway.

    lets hope for PotC3 and the new Potter movie ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. arrrrr pirates, bloody pirates m/

    btw…there will be some characters of the justice league(like green arrow) in the 6. season of smallville(which means i have to watch this damn series*hmpf*)

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