How I got involved in the design posse of Doomtown:Reloaded

I don’t know how many remember from my posting about it in the past, but I’ve been a huge Doomtown fan ever since I first started playing it back in 1998, in episode 5 of the first cycle, using common cards gifted to me from the FLGS clerk and a starter-home (literally. It was a starter box with the home card printed on the back).

My love for Doomtown is in fact what led me to start developing an OCTGN plugin to play it online, which was my first involvement with OCTGN around 3 years ago which eventually led me to develop my most popular creation plugin for it, Android: Netrunner.

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Epic Pythonista

A random google search pointed me to this, which is kinda cute :)

Divided by Zer0 is an epic Pythonista (one of the 4% most active Python users) who spends a lot of time commenting on issues between pushes. Divided is a fulltime hacker who works best in the morning (around 11 am).

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