Why did nobody tell me 4chan pronounced me dead in 2014?

Just stumbled onto this randomly


Also, that random anon who later claims I stole his V:TES OCTGN code as mine. Lolwut, I’ve don’t remember ever touching VTES. Do Anons really believe anything they hear?

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The day I believed in Karmic Justice

Have I ever written the story of how a high-school “friend” of mine performed the most absurdly underhanded act I’ve seen? No? Story time!

When I moved to a new area in Athens in 1992, I started in a new Gymnasium (what would be called “Middle-school” I think for U.S. Americans.), and I had to make all new friends from scratch. As I was a very awkward kid (shy and geeky but feisty as well) I started getting into a lot of fights and became a bit of a pariah to my classmates.

I did make some friends, but I also made a lot of enemies. A lot of those enemies were content to simply torment me daily with new nicknames, spitballs

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