On the #GamerGate hypocrisy extraordinaire

Someone on reddit asked reformed gamergators to say what changed their mind. I found the following quote exemplary!

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Quote of the day: “Are we the baddies?”

As the #GamerGate nonsense plods on with more and more geek idols speaking out against it, some of the people still delusively supporting it are starting to have increasing cognitive dissonance ((not sure if this applies perfectly here but whatever)):

I’ve been recommending them to my friends for years. I really expected more from them, but it’s just another hero to add to the list. Movie bob, adam sessler, Jim sterling, Tim Schafer, joss whedon, and now extra credits, basically all of my nerd heroes hate me now.

Yes, it’s quite surprising isn’t it? Could it be time for some heavy introspection maybe? Naaaah…


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