OCTGN Game Definitions

The OCTGN Logo. A red octagon surrounded by a white octagon which is slightly turnedIn the past few years I’ve been very active in developing game definitions for OCTGN and I’ve amassed quite  a number of games I’ve developed.  In this project I’ll provide links to find them, and some short instructions on how to install and/or play them.

Game Definitions Created

Below you’ll find the games I’ve developed and currently keeping updated.

Game Definitions Contributed

Below are games I’ve helped with code in the past and may help again in the future

If you enjoy the work I’ve done on these games, please consider becoming a patron

  1. LCG Stands for “Living Card Game“ []
  2. ECG Stands for “Expandable Card Game“ []
  3. CCG Stands for Collectible Card Game. Also sometimes called TCG []

  • cstclair

    Hello there! I'm a developer who has been reading your source code, and I'm curious how you develop these games! Do you have an editor, something that parses the set.xml definitions, and builds the .py files accordingly, or something else entirely?

    • db0

      I'm just using notepad++ :)

  • Model800

    Amazing work! Thanks!