A Resolution

Who would have thunk it?

To my surprise, I find that I have a New Year’s resolution. I resolve to spend one hour per day doing something creative (blogging, designing etc) as opposed to spending all my time mostly gaming. Or it may be the insomnia speaking. We shall see.

Regular blogging will commence soon as well.

5 thoughts on “A Resolution”

  1. Yes, and I will do the same, except instead of gaming my problem is fooling around on the internet, and playing Sudoku on my iPod Touch for hours and hours. Instead, I will read the Origin of Species and then Mutual Aid – A Factor of Evolution on my Eucalyptus. Have you checked out that app? Free old books, really awesome!

      1. Eucalyptus uses the Gutenberg project. Can't afford a Bebook, and since I already have an iPod Touch, might as well make better use of it than simply playing Sudoku 🙂

      2. I'm hoping the protection on eBooks are dropped at some point (didn't Apple stop using them on music files?) so they can be used on other devices. I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon and my Kindle currently…

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