Ach scheisse!

I just updated my WP installation and things did not seem to go that well this time 🙁

You will probably be able to see that something is wrong as the new installation seems to have changed the WP categories table name and now one of my plugins that depended on that as well as a feature from my theme stopped working. Now I need to figure out in which way to fix it 🙁 Probably that will mean editing the relevant plugin and modifying the table it is looking for :-/

Oh well, at least it seems to have some shiny new features (like the notification for updates). It supposedly supports tags by itself (even using the old tags I had) so, supposedly I won’t have to use to UTW plugin anymore and this post is a relevant test to that as well. However the tag functionality does not seem as good as UTW’s (missing the list of tags etc) so it remains to be seen if it is workable.

I was initially a bit wary of the new version because of what I read it transmits to the WP servers when checking for updates, but this time I decided to leave my tinfoil hat on the side and go ahead. Seeing the results, perhaps I should have waited until the plugins were updated accordingly.