Some borrowed stuff

Viking RoarI finally registered on StudiVZ after the prompt of Viola and checking out the photos of Wacken I found quite a few of them that I just had to have for myself. I tried to download them but StudiVZ has a very stupid idea to stop people from downloading, by redirecting the actual file link to an empty .gif file. However this cannot obviously stop anything, but rather delay and annoy me. I just printed the screen, pasted it into GIMP and cut the part that was of interest. Of course that meant that the picture was only as large as StudiVZ’s small window, but it’s better than nothing. To this end I’ve created a new dandy album with all of those for you to admire me once again 😉

FirebreathingSome of the best pictures were taken by Anton who just took one amazing Firebreath pic of me in my last show, among others. I just can’t believe how good this looks :D. I guess that’s what happens when the photographer is a professional.

He also has some newer ones uploaded from the recent BBQ but I’ve still to…borrow those 😉

In any case, well done Anton 😉

Shout to the heavensI also saw some more cool ones taken at the Final Destination as well at the [tag]Wacken[/tag] Warm-up party and I just could not resist making a copy for me. Some of them are just so well shot 😀

So go and have a look at the new stuff.