Admin of Fruit

I’ve just been made a SysOp over at Kiwilyrics. Sweet.
The other admins are either missing or too busy so that will allow me to fix some things that have fallen by the wayside.

In case you don’t know it, Kiwilyrics is a lyrics site using the wiki engine. This is especially helpful in the case of lyrics since there are usually a lot of typos and other mistakes. In other sites, if they allow lyrics submitions at all, you have to submit the lyrics to the admins and hope they are allowed soon. If the site sports a quick response time, that usually means that the lyrics are not reviewed at all. Fixing bad submitions is almost impossible, since the responce times are greater still.

The beauty of the wiki is that you have the power to change something immediately and it is also very hard to destroy things. See a mistype as you read a lyrics? Fixing it is only two clicks away.
Missing a song? Submit it yourself immediately. Hell, submit the whole album. Kiwizer makes that braindead easy (although it still has one or two bugs)

Bow before me for I am Op.
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