Apparently the LackeyCCG admins don't like competition.

The mods of LackeyCCG apparently don’t like people knowing about alternatives to their program.

Now that my Doomtown plugin for OCTGN is at a very good level, I decided to go to the LackeyCCG fora to let any Doomtown enthusiasts that may be using the (frankly inferior) Doomtown plugin there, about the one I have created. I was cautious that this might not be good netiquette, but both systems and plugins are free and there’s no real competition between them. It’s not like either of them will lose money from someone preferring the other version.

Well apparently the mods of the board don’t see it this way. My reply here was deleted without notice, one assumes because someone got upset that I was promoting a “competing” card engine. This is shameful on the part of the LackeyCCG admins who should be looking to help the community have the best experience in card games, not try to hoard it to themselves.

I left another reply. Looking forward to have it deleted now…

EDIT: I was correct in my assumption that my comment was deleted because I posted a competing plugin. The main developer of Lackey sent me the following PM
You aren't allowed to discuss competing programs on my forum. If you have a suggestion for me to improve Lackey, please post the suggestion.

2 thoughts on “Apparently the LackeyCCG admins don't like competition.”

  1. I can see why Trevor would block it initially. Confusion on plugins becoming an issue.

    You might be better off communicating with the other Doomtown plugin maker.

    Good luck!

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