Bandwidth troubles

A very strange thing is happening and I’m not sure how to go about resolving it. I just installed a virtual firewall using VMware and IpCop. Now everything seems to be working as expected with one difference, my speed seems to be borked.

It’s not just a case of the speed simply dropping as I expected originaly, but the speed seems to be as expected in some cases (such as downloading the eve-online client at 1.4MBps), medium in some others (such as bandwidth tests where I get a half the speed I have without it and 1/4 of the upload speed) to non-existant (such as 20KBps Download and Upload on Azureus, where at least upload should be close to 100)

I was going to post a guide for the setting up of IpCop under VMware as a cheap and reliable firewall solution but I want to figure what I’ve configured incorrectly first…