Random Picture of me

Hah! I just found a picture that included my ugly face blogged into the livejournal of a guy I met at the [tag]Final Destination[/tag]. I have no idea what he’s talking about since it’s all in German and the translation tools available do a pretty crappy job (Something about Teutons with big smiles? Dunno).

I also liked the way he made those composite pics, It’s a nice way to save space in the blog.

Now I met this guy at the Final D. but only yesterday we started talking to any serious length. He seems pretty cool and he’s actually got a philosophy similar to mine. He’s also has a Last.fm account 🙂

Now that I mentioned the Final…it was great yesterday! It was playing Kingdom for a Heart when I entered which really started the night on the right foot and later on the Power Metal just kept on coming. It’s just great when the DJ is wearing an Edguy T-Shirt 🙂 I heard two Sonata songs in one night which is more than I’ve ever heard in a single night club ever. Good times…