Better but not so well

Yesterday was Ok I guess, I finally played a game of [tag]Chronopia[/tag] and managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. I mean I had only 3 models left on the board in the end while the others had half their army. The game was “Capture the Hill” 3 players ffa with a 5 turn limit. Whoever controlled the hill at the end gained extra points. After we decided who captured the hill and calculated the other guys points, just for the record, I asked them to calculate my points as well. Imagine our surprise when the other guy announced “Shit, you’ve won” Much laughter ensued 🙂

On other news, I decided not to write about the sentimental stuff on the public log. I just don’t feel comfortable.

Today I’ve been trying to set up Gentoo at a pc at work and I left it compiling the whole kde. I expect it running till monday and then some. I like it though. All this compiling and system-optimization is sweet. If it works well I think I’ll put it at my own system (I’ve already made room)

I’ve fixes the buggy partition as well…by the rough method. Delete/Format/Restore. Mp3z are back in place and amaroK is rocking 🙂

Tomorrow I expect to get [tag]WoW[/tag]. I was lucky to get a preorder. Everything was booked and I found a store with 10 preorder copies left for Saturday. Lucky me 🙂 I hope it will take my mind off the relationship hardships at least although I fear I may grow bored of it as I did Eve online. I bought the collector’s edition too, I wanted something from the WC universe to remind me of my past.

Need to finish tidying up the room sometime.

Hah! As I was writing, Kensha/Tasos showed up on ICQ. I haven’t seen that soul for MANY years…