Damn it! I want my WoW

Argh! I knew it, I just knew it!
[tag]WoW[/tag] wasn’t available today, the copies will arrive on Monday…typical. If it is ever possible that Blizzard gave only 2000 copies to Greece. I mean FFS this is the MOST expected game of the season and they can’t even get it right. I’m disappointed really 🙁
Oh well, I guess I’ll give Bloodlines a try again. I hope I can endure the crappy fps or find another way to fix them.

I saw some South Park today, the episode where they become Ninjas is just incredibly sweet! Kenny and Butters OWN! Fun!

GF called today. It seems hell must have frozen over… *roll eyes*. She sounded sweet though.

Just came back from coffee with a friend, talked linux and got excited. I really should participate in some project. I need to get out today as well, I hope Elt is in the mood.

Other good news is that the patent law has left the voting altogether, that’s very exciting. A weight has been lifted.

All in all, things seem to be turning for the better and my optimism has returned as well…aaah.